Roof Construction Update
In January 2020, GP Martini completed the 2019 phase of roof replacements on lower Birchwood.  Highlights included:
o   64 individual roofs were replaced between 101-181 and 120-176 Birchwood Drive, involving:
o   57 attic inspections for leaks, venting and structural damage
o   7 unit inspections including walk throughs and drone photography
o   The replacement of 132 roofing decking panels (regular and fire retardant plywood)
o   $394,630 in reserve expenses for GAF Timberline roofing materials & labor
o   $  56,400 in reserve expenses for 6” gutter replacements & labor
o   An additional 5% reserve overhead related to damaged roof decking and Structural Design Associates oversight, inventory control and invoice analysis ($21,321)
o   Total project expense was $472,360
CDX - CD -1 Exposure Plywood
FRT -  Fire  Retardant Plywood
For 2020, the Roof Committee will evaluate recent and past work orders to determine if another phase is needed this year.
The Board would like to thank the residents of Birchwood Drive for their patience and understanding. 
For any general roofing questions, please get in touch with:
Kristin Massey, Community Manager   
Office 484-875-9032
Fax 484-875-9036
Clubhouse Office - 218 Fringetree Drive,  West Chester, PA 19380
After Hours- 24 hr Customer Service  Toll Free 800-870-0010

2020 Budget & Fees
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